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Micro Love in a World of Macro Slams

Mark met Christie back in the spring of 1999. They were both at the same college but neither had formally been introduced. They were both juniors at the time and were introduced to each other via a mutual friend. It was pretty much love at first sight. The two immediately started dating and seemed to be a perfect match. They agreed on movies, politics and favorite places to visit. Things were off to a great start.

The relationship wasn’t very physical at first. Mark had never been with a woman sexually. He was raised pretty conservative in a religious household. Christie however was pretty promiscuous in her teenage years but had recently over the last six months decided to abstain from sex. This is where the relationship came to an awkward crossroads for these two love birds. Mark had a secret he really hadn’t shared with Christie. He was quite hesitant, understandably, to share with her what his deepest and most embarrassing problem was. You see, Mark had micropenis. Yes, actual micropenis. It’s a fairly rare condition when a man’s penis is typically less than 3″ erect. Mark, unfortunately, fell into the category of hyper micropenis. Mark’s member erect was only 1.2″ rock hard. This condition had plagued Mark his whole adolescent life but he knew he had to clear the air with Christie. It was the right thing to do. He knew he could lose her because real sex was pretty much impossible. He worried about this since he had fell in love with her because he knew that she was experienced and had been with several guys. After dating about a year and a half, he decided to take her to dinner and share with her what was going on.

In the fall of 2001, Mark took Christie to a nice restaurant located just about a half an hour from where they lived. They had both just graduated from college recently and were working professionals. Talks of engagement and marriage were even starting to be whispered from time to time. Ok, so the dinner. Here’s what happened. They arrive and get a table and begin to chit chat while salads and appetizers are delivered. Mark is sweating and really nervous at this point and is so fearful Christie is going to freak out and reject him. He knew it was time so the conversation unfolded as so:

Mark: “Christie, I love you so much. You are the love of my life. I brought you here tonight to talk about something important and embarrassing.”

Christie: “I love you too. What do you mean embarrassing?”

Mark: “Well, I know we haven’t been really physical other than kissing and stuff, but it has to do with sex.”

Christie: “Listen, whatever it is I will understand. I hope my experience sexually doesn’t bother you because I never think about any of those guys.”

Mark: “No, it doesn’t really. It’s more about me and my issue. You see, I have…I have micropenis.”

Christie:”No, don’t say that. You don’t have to be huge to please me. I’m not a size queen. I will love you just the way you are. I promise.”

Mark: “I don’t think you understand. I’m not saying I have a small penis. I’m saying I have micropenis. It’s a real medical condition. My penis is only 1.2″ fully erect. I can’t really have normal sex with you. I can ejaculate but you would never feel anything.”


Mark: “Yeah, there is nothing I can do about it. I’m so sorry.”

Christie: “Why the fuck have you not said something before? You mean I’m in love with a man that can’t even enter me? You know that, right? I love you and want to marry you!”

Mark: “Still? I mean, you realize I can’t please you because of my man clit, right?”

Christie: “Listen, I’m not at all thrilled about this. I know it was difficult for you to tell me. I’m confused and hurt and sad and everything else. But, I love you and don’t want another man. We will work it out.”

(There were tears from both of course during this dinner) Ok, so here’s where destiny came into play. Burt, their waiter for the evening, by that time came around with the entrees. He was a 6’4 handsome black gentleman who was super nice and brought an air of laughter and cheer when he came around. Burt noticed this time around that the table was pretty solemn. When he gave them their meal he decided to go out on a limb and ask about what was troubling them. He noticed the red eyes and he couldn’t resist the urge to help:

Burt: “Is everything ok guys? You both look sad. Is there anything I can do?”

Mark: “Thank you for asking. It’s…it’s ok. We are just working through some issues.”

Christie: “Yes, thank you for asking…Burt?”

Burt: “Yes, Burt. Ok, well I’m a great listener if you want to talk. I love my job and I feel it’s my duty to do more than just serve great meals. So, if you want, I’m here.”

Christie: “That is so nice of you.”

Burt: “Guys, I might know what is bothering both of you. I have a keen sense when it comes to relationships.”

Mark: “Thanks, but I’m sure you probably would never guess our current problem.”

Burt: “Mark, you have micropenis don’t you? It’s ok, you can tell me. I won’t laugh.”

Mark: “Oh my god, how, how did you know?”

Christie: “Yeah, how in the world did you know that?”

Burt: “Like I said, I have a keen sense about these things. Besides, I was standing next to Mark in restroom when you guys first got here. I accidentally saw his tiny problem..”

Mark: “Oh, was that you beside me? Oh, man. I don’t mean to sound gay or anything, but I saw yours too. Woah! You were huge. How big are you?”

Burt: “Well, I don’t like to brag or anything and I don’t want you to feel inferior.”

Mark: “I won’t, I just was impressed.”

Christie: “Yeah, how big are you?”

Burt: “I’m 9.5″ rock solid.”

Mark and Christie: “Wow!”

Burt: “Thanks, it’s just what the good Lord gave me. I just want to be a blessing…if you know what I mean.”

Christie: “Uh, wait…what do you mean?”

Mark: “I…I know exactly what you mean. This is fate. I can’t believe it. Christie, Burt could help us. He could be the key link in our relationship. He could really help us.”

Christie: “Ohhh, ok. Well, uh…I’m not sure how I feel about this. I can’t even believe I’m somewhat considering what I’m considering.”

Burt: “Look guys, I am in no way interested in breaking this relationship up. I’m not. You guys are perfect for each other in every way except one. I, I just want to offer my services to keep this relationship healthy. That’s all. I can be a friend to both of you.”

Mark: “Christie, I love you. I want this for us. I want this for you. Do you trust me? Do you love me? Do you want this too?”

Christie: “Yes, I love you. And, yes I want this. I want us to be happy.”

Burt: “Listen, I get off in an hour. How’s tonight sound for us to meet and explore our options?”

Mark: “It sounds perfect. It sounds absolutely perfect. I tell you what, we are going to book a room next door in the hotel. When you get off, come over. Ok?”

Burt: “Absolutely, I can’t wait.”

Christie: “Me either!”

So, Mark and Christie finished up their dinner and left Burt a large tip. Both of them were nervous but excited too. There were still feelings of confusion about Mark’s condition but the openness of the evening had led to what both felt could be a life changing experience. Christie mentioned to Mark while they were getting checked in next door that one of her ex boyfriends was about 7″. That was the largest she had had. She told him she was nervous but wanted him to feel right about everything. He assured her that he felt absolutely right about everything. The two at that point decided for the first time to take a shower together. She had never seen Mark nude of course so this was a big deal. She removed her clothes first and then Mark. From just a short distance it looked like Mark had a vagina. Nothing could really be seen even though Mark was a pretty skinny guy at 5’9″. They showered and shared how much they loved each other. Mark’s small problem really didn’t seem to bother Christie after she saw it initially.

Burt showed up about an hour or so later and got a shower too. Afterwards, they all sat on the single king bed in the hotel room naked. They began to chat about whether everyone was still comfortable. Christie was so aroused by the shear size of Burt that she couldn’t resist leaning down and grasping his shaft and placing it in her mouth. The entire time she kept her eyes on Mark. Mark smiled at her. Burt got hard in a matter of seconds and Christie could only take a fraction of it in her mouth at that point. Funny enough, Mark was fully aroused by then too. His 1.2″ tool was overshadowed by the enormous rod that Burt had. Everyone was smiling though. It was a time of letting down walls and letting peace and fulfillment into their lives.

Burt: “Christie, that feels so good. Thank you for sucking my huge cock while staring at the love of your life. You are so beautifully in love with Mark. That’s great.”

Mark: “Make sure Burt you fuck her really good. I want her pussy stretched out so far. I want to be able to look inside her when you pull out. I love her that much.”

Christie: “Mark, I love you. I want you to see that deep inside me too. Only Burt is able to do that with his 9.5″ cock that happens to be 7.5″ in circumference. Oh, my god my cunt is so wet right now.”

Burt: “Oh, my god bitch suck that dick. Suck that big black cock. I want Mark to move over to the corner of the room. Mark, take these tweezers and hold your cock with them. I’m doing this because your humiliation will fill your soul with warmth and shame and love too.”

Mark: “I trust you Burt. I’ll move over there. My distance from you both will shame me but fill me like you said. She is totally into sucking your dick right now. It is a beautiful thing. Please make sure you come in her ass when you finish tonight. Oh fuck please do that.”

Burt: “You got it pal, anything for my new friends.”

Christie: “I need this veiny throbbing meat stick in my hole. Are you both ready to see and experience this? I love you Mark but you can’t be inside me. You just can’t. Only Burt can fill me up. I don’t love him or share any of my dreams with him. I share them with you alone my love but his black cock is all that matters right now. I have to have his cock and cum in me. Never yours. I mean never will it be your pathetic cock, ok?”

Mark: “I totally understand and feel the same way Christie. Tonight our life is changing. Your beautifully shaven tan body and glistening pussy belong to Burt. You both will stare at me the whole time though, promise me that.”

Burt and Christie: “We promise.”

So, moments later Burt positioned Christie in the doggy position with both of them staring at Mark in the corner while he held his shaft with the tweezers. Burt entered Christie slowly at first but quickly sped up. She moaned like Mark had never heard. Tears of joy filled Mark’s eyes. Christie too. Burt was was in full motion at that point and Christie took every inch of him. Burt had never had anyone take all of him. Over the next 30 minutes they were in every position wailing and squirming. When the finale was quickly approaching, Burt and Christie told Mark to put the tweezers down and come closer to the bed. At this point they were in the doggy position again but with Mark behind Burt so he could see the insertion first hand. Burt pulled out so Mark could see deep into Christie.

Mark: “Christie, you are so beautiful deep in your pussy. It is cherry red and pulsing with juices. I am so proud of you.”

Christie: “Mark, I feel so full. I am so happy. I love you so much.”

Burt: “Alright, this dick is going in her ass. Here’s some lube!”

So Burt shoved his cock in Christie’s ass and she moaned even more. Mark thought Burt would finish there but he didn’t. Christie asked Burt to cum in her pussy. She wanted Mark to know his cum would never be in there. So, as the climax arrived Burt placed his large tool back into Christie’s box and drenched it good. I mean he filled it up with the good stuff. Mark was taken back at first but wanted Christie to get what she wanted.

Mark: “I thought you would finish in her ass?”

Burt: “I’m sorry buddy. She asked for it in her snatch. I just did what she asked.”

Christie: “Mark, listen. I needed you to see what real cum in a pussy looks like. I needed you to know that you will really never be able to do that. I wanted the years of inadequacy to be fully realized here tonight for you. When you were 14, 15 or whatever wondering if you might find someone who could be filled up or satisfied with your member I wanted you to see tonight that that is impossible. I love you more than anything. But, you needed this tonight and so did I. I needed you to see it will for now and forever be Burt’s throbbing cock that enters me. Not yours ever. Do you love me? Are you really ok with this forever?”

Mark: “Oh my god…yes. YES. I love you too.”

At that point they all laughed a little bit with huge smiles on everyones faces. Then, surprisingly, Mark came two drops. Christie and Burt both teared up at that point with pride for Mark. Humiliation and love had come. No pun intended.



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