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God is Dead

Have you prayed today? Have you read your holy book? What happened? Did you hear or even see God? What??? No, you say? Well, that’s strange. I thought you would have probably had some experience.

Of course it would be nice to have a straight forward experience. Folks, the reason that doesn’t ever happen and has never actually happened is because it is all made up. Yep, it’s human invention. Now, it can be fun and give a false peace, but it’s nevertheless fake. There doesn’t seem to be anyone above or below like the ancients thought. It’s just you and me on a weird planet full of life and death. Don’t waste your days trying to please an invisible nothing. Live life!

This isn’t meant to be an official rebuttal to all religions, it’s just a short summary of my feelings towards it.



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2 thoughts on “God is Dead

  1. nice…through this we will not divide other person in the name of god or religion. we can stop terrorism and many other wrong things in this world.


    Posted by newpostcard | May 28, 2013, 4:10 am

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