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Have you ever shummed?

SHUM- to ejaculate or climax while you also shit. Have you ever done this? Do you feel awesome about it? Well, I’m proud of you either way.

When I was 17, my girlfriend and I were doing it in my backseat. She was moaning something fierce baby! Just when I was about to pop, she screamed and then suddenly the car smelled awful. She got really quiet. I asked her what happened and she told me she shummed all over me and the car. I turned the overhead light on and sure enough there it was. We cleaned up and I drove her home. She was humiliated and I felt bad for her.

Monday at school I announced over the intercom that she had shummed. The whole school laughed at her until she got so embarrassed that she shummed again. This time it was in algebra class. She grabbed a pencil and jabbed it in her eye and died. Everyone was in shock. But you know what? You know? Yep, the teacher was so moved by all the emotion that he shummed too and then school let out.

The end.



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I am full of guts that make my heart valves and life blood work!


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