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Slowly Butchered and Eaten

She was never really that popular. She was an outcast from the start. Melanie Reese is who we are talking about by the way. Anyway, after high school she worked at the local gas station. Her parents were dead and she had no one. It was terribly sad. Through some very odd circumstances, Melanie drifted into prostitution.
One night while having sex with a client, a cactus came out of nowhere and fingered her fanny. It pissed her off so she swung at it and missed. Well, this angered her client, who happened to be a sociopath and cannibal, and he pulled out a knife and began to butcher her slowly. She screamed but no one heard her. She had no one remember and no one but the cactus was there.
Blood was everywhere and her client cut her stomach open and began to feast on her organs while she was still living. Her last thought was, “I never really cared for being eaten out.”
After Mel, her client, finished killing her and eating her, the cactus killed him. The moon rays shone down on it and all was right yet again. Comment below and say something awful.

Thank you Los Angeles!



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