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Top 5 Best Pick Up Lines

Fucking sit down and take notes fellas. Ladies, you too! There is something here for everyone. I’m gonna go through and list the top 5 pick up lines for men and women! That’s right! You both are gonna be picking up fresh ass all year with this shit! Here goes:(men 1st, women 2nd)

5.Excuse me ma’am, but is there anyway I can pull down your pants and see your vagina especially after you take a piss?
5.So, you enjoy having your penis masturbated by a woman or do you like elk titties?
4.We can go back to my place if you like. I’m gonna have to shower cause I took a shit an hour ago and didn’t wipe well.
4. You remind me of my ex boyfriend. Well, except he had a bigger bulge where your penis is cause it looks like you have a pussy you pathetic dick tweezers!
3. I can barely stare at your face because I’m fully erect and want to ejaculate in your meat hole.
3. I love a man who will sit in a corner and watch me fist a cheetah!
2. I love your ear rings. Once I decapitate you I plan on wearing them and your decaying breasts around my waist.
2. I don’t mean to sound forward, but can I drug you and cut your dick off and place it in your mom’s mouth?
1. I would do anything to disembowel you and feast on your organs while playing freeze tag.
1. I can’t buy you a drink, but I can cut your grandma and grandpa’s throats and use their blood as lubrication for my birth canal!

See!!! These will help you find that special piece of ass or love. Best wishes!!! Let me know how it works out!



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