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Jesus Ain’t Comin Back!

Are you ready for the rapture? Have you been good for baby Jesus? If not, you won’t go to heaven to dine with Father and Son! How many of you have heard this over and over? Yet, where is old Jesus? Is he dead? Yes, yes he’s dead. He’s dead and he’s never coming back. … Continue reading

Eternal Fat Religion

Have you ever noticed that many religious people are fat? Often, these fat people have very fat opinions. In fact, many are republican evangelicals against gays, alcohol, abortion and common sense. (Ha, that was funny) So, why is it like this? Well, I got a theory. Here goes: They are fuckheads who live in a … Continue reading

F*ck Word: oh the sin!

Reply below with a creative way to use that word in a sentence and enter to win 10,000 nothings!!!!

My First Death Metal Song

Here are the lyrics to my first death metal song I wrote when I was 15. Enjoy! “Emmanuel’s Bones” I rock the crib and i get hungry Hungry for messianic baby So I stab Mary, and slice Joseph Yeah things get fuckin crazy Why wait any longer… Bite! Chew on the crying Christ Rip! The … Continue reading