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Be You (A Tale of Fuck It)

You are able to read these words. You are able to decipher what they mean. Although I’m writing them, I have no idea what the experience is like for you to read them. To ponder them. I have no clue what it will remind you of. Your mood, past, lovers and all sorts of other variables will probably influence your digestion of this post. Fair enough. In fact, that’s exactly how it should be.
I’ll never be you and you’ll never be me. We will never be them and they can’t be us. So, what now? Well, it’s simple. Have your experience. Have your life. Have your own thoughts and feelings and memories that crawl through your reel that plays in your mind’s eye. Goddam it feels good doesn’t it. Goddam it does!
In our society (America), individualism is something embraced and shunned. There are boundaries it seems but many pretend there aren’t. Yes, there are outliers such as pedophiles and rapists that I don’t include as individual expressionism rather I categorize them as sick and defective. When I speak of individualism I more or less speak of your expression(s) of the genetic/biological makeup of your person. In other words, there is unity among your internal faculties and therefore honesty results when you say what color is your favorite or who you enjoy fucking.
Speaking of fucking. Maybe you are a straight man who enjoys eating pussy and licking a woman you love. Maybe she gulps your juices and enjoys your throbbing inside her ass. Speaking of ass. Maybe you are a gay man who loves a larger man to bend you over and give you what you deserve in your ass. Maybe the feeling of his rod teaching your ass a lesson is just what makes your day. Maybe 69 cock time fills your memories and makes you tear up about Mike who you made sweet gay love to 10 years ago at the beach. Maybe you are a woman who enjoys men and women. Maybe right now you’ve begun masturbating your beautiful pussy. Whatever! Great!
Now that we have blown our load, let’s talk about other individualism things. Some people love comics. Some can’t read. Some enjoy religion and some despise it. Awesome! Here’s the point, be you and shut the fuck up trying to make someone else you. Just be. Be at peace. Goddam it. Differences are so much more interesting than everyone being the same.
Ok, ok…I’ll settle down. There is one thing however I’d like everyone to be.
Respectful. Quit being a fuckhead and be kind and respectful to others. Life is beautiful and it’s even prettier if you make it so.




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